WE art lesson advocates art education not only to learn to create but to learn and appreciate the wonderful creations that have existed in the world. Not only to learn to paint, but using the manner of painting to learn, to think, to find the beauty in life. Encouraging the children to see the world from another perspective. Our enthusiasm for art education, attitude, painting strength and innovative exploration. You will understand when you come to see us, thus we look forward to seeing you.




Art exhibition

Improve self-cultivation,Dissemination of culture, Incentive to create and Shine the world
提高修养 传播文化 激励创造 闪耀世界

2019 Art Exhibition

2018 & 2017 Art Exhibition

2018 Art Exhibition

2017 Art Exhibition

2015 Art Exhibition

Sketching session@Armenian Church

Age years old art courses


In this course, students can learn the most popular courses of 2017 / 2018.According to the three difficulty levels, the material, techniques of each lesson are different. There are very different learning experiences, we have always advocated learning with painting.


Innovative The WE Art Lesson

The WAL course is designed around three major categories: humanities, art history and science. Learning about these topics with painting can widen their perspective.



Children's holiday Courses

Age years old art courses

Come join us for an art filled experience this holiday! Learn the essential fundamentals of graphics and colours, then study composition by replicating masterpieces. You will gain the knowledge of traditional techniques of classical painting and thinking in drawing. You will be able to master a variety of art forms such as water colour, acrylic, sketching, craft art and many more!


Age years old art courses

SOTA /NAFA Audition

Professional painting foundation Class: Professional teachers guide you through the whole process, to help you create your own art works.


Foundation painting course

Professional painting foundation Class: Professional teachers guide you through the whole process, to help you create your own art works.


Professional painting

Suitable age:

Advanced Foundation: If you wish to improve your skills, or want to learn new materials. Both traditional and new techniques can be taught. 


Pro painting


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