individual violin​

Age: Suitable for 3.5 years old and above

Frequency: Once a week Duration: 30mins/45mins/1hr

Day/time: At student’s reques

WE offer Effective Graded courses for from Grade 1 to Diploma. A student may begin with the grade that best suits the ability. Grades may be skipped or not, depending on the progress of the student

Why You Should Take Violin Lesson

Violin is a simple instrument that is made of wood and four strings, but it has very beautiful sound. You will feel the intensified aura of the music waves getting into your soul. Violin will make your ears become more sensitive. There is no sign in the violin that make the player play on the right position. You have to find the true sound by using your ears,mind to feel. As a result, your ears become more sensitive because you often use it. The music that the violin produces is captivating to its listeners. The power of the sound the violin creates can bring the calmness. The violin is now being used to help patients of traumatic experiences. It is now considered as a tool to music therapy. at.!  

ABRSM: the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music

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