individual Piano

Age: Suitable for 3.5 years old and above

Frequency: Once a week Duration: 30mins/45mins/1hr

Day/time: At student’s reques

WE offer Effective Graded courses for from Grade 1 to Diploma. A student may begin with the grade that best suits the ability. Grades may be skipped or not, depending on the progress of the student.

Why You Should Take Piano Lesson

Whether you are young or old, a music learner or just starting out, anyone can benefit from taking piano lessons. One quality that the piano and not many other instruments share is that you can play more than one note at a time.

One can play pieces with complex and rich harmonies when playing alone. That makes the piano a dynamic solo instrument. At the same time, the piano sounds beautiful accompanying other instruments. Piano playing uses both hemispheres of the brain, requiring your ten fingers to be controlled independently.

Research has shown that children who learn piano do far better scholastically that their fellow students. Piano is also the key and basis to learning music theory. A piano player can pick up other instruments more easily than someone who hasn’t had such experience.!

ABRSM: the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music

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