Guitar Or Ukulele​​

individual group Guitar or Ukulele​

Individual/Group Guitar or Ukulele​​

Age: Suitable for 5 years old and above

Once a week Duration: 45mins/1hr(group)

If you are a music lover… Guitar or ukulele Lesson

It doesn’t matter if you style is classical or pop, rock and roll or jazz, you name it, Guitar can do it. Think of the enjoyment you get from listening to your favourite song.Now imagine how much more enjoyment you will receive from learning to play those same songs on your own guitar in a short period. Learning guitar is one of the most rewarding ways to express your love of music.

Learn to play with … Ukulele Lesson Learning to play ukulele is faster and easier when you have someone showing you the way. Each Ukulele lesson course teaches you how to play the ukulele in a simple and non-intimidating way. Yousave yourself time, frustration, and money when you learn to play ukulele with us.

Our step-by-step, comprehensive ukulele lesson courses give you a complete roadmap towards ukulele success. Select a course to learn more and begin today.

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