Large canvas acrylic painting

In this course, students can learn basic acrylic painting techniques. We teach you more professional painting techniques and theories according to each reference painting.


2Hr $480/8 Lessons Age 12+

Classic Children's Art Course

In this course, students can learn the most popular courses of 2017 / 2018. According to the three difficulty levels, the material, techniques of each lesson are different. There are very different learning experiences, we have always advocated learning with painting.

在这个课程中,学员可以学到精选2018 /2017年最受欢迎的课程。按照3个难度,每节课材料技法都不相同。非常不同的学习体验,我们一直提倡用绘画的学习。

1 Hr $330/10 Lessons Age 3-4/ 5-6/ 7-8/

Ceramic course

Throwing ceramics class: Make ceramics with the electric wheel, the course consists of throwing, embossing, glazing.


1.5 Hr $180/4 Lessons Age 3-11

Art And Craft Course

In this course, students can learn the most popular handcrafted and hand-painted courses of 2018/2017. This course focuses on developing three-dimensional objects and hands-on skills.

在这个课程中,学员可以学到精选2018 /2017年最受欢迎的手工和手工画课程。在这个课程中着重培养动手能力和立体感。

1 Hr $250/8 Lessons Age 5-6/ 7-8


In this course, you can learn the advanced theory of comics course, and start with the character setting to make a simple and interesting story. Or complete a portrait of a man cartoon character alone.


1.5 Hr $480/10 Lessons Age 10+​

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